Well here it is Thursday already in our first week at Quartzsite. We arrived on Saturday, and so far our stay has been great. We are camped about 5 miles from town out in the desert in the La Posa South LTVA (long term visitor area).

Sunday morning we drove into the town of Quartzsite to see the RV show in the big tent. We arrived early enough that we were able park very close to the show. There were lots vendors there and most were RV related. Even early in the day it’s starting to get a little crowded. It took us an hour or so to tour the tent and wander around a little outside. We drove around the town a little and then headed back out to our campsite. Started to get very busy in town. Relaxed at our site for a bit and then Happy Hour began at 3:30. I’ll cover the next few days in this post as well.

Monday I (Ken) took a drive into town to explore a little more a little after 10 am. Wow, what a zoo. So many people. The traffic entering the town was backed up for at least a half mile. George (Yates), a friend we know from our home park Rock Glen, had told me that there was more to see in town than we had seen on Sunday so I explore a little more. There are an incredible number of RV parks in the town. When I headed back out to the camp area the line extended well beyond the entrance to La Posa, so it had to be at least 5 1/2 miles long…wow. The winds have picked up here while I was away.

Wednesday Kim and I headed back in town (early) to go to the flea market and we also toured a bunch of diesel Class A RV’s. New and used. It was interesting but there were only 1 or 2 that caught our eye. Too pricey for us though, but we like to look. I have taken a few pictures while we’ve been here so I’ll add them to this post.

I stood on top of our RV to get a couple pictures. You can see lots of RV’s in the distance. That’s only a drop in the bucket compared to how many are in the area.

A lone Cactus

It took me a while today to setup this blog and to figure it all out. I’m sure I will get better at it, but for now I’m all blogged out. Hope you somewhat enjoyed my first attempt.

Bye for now.


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