Weekend Update

The last couple of days here have been quite warm, in the low 20’s C. Saturday we went to a Canadians’ Potluck for lunch. There were close to 200 people there from various provinces. Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario were most heavily represented. There were even some who were from NFLD. We all had to bring a salad or a dessert and drinks and a Roast Beef Dinner was provided. The cost was only $3 per person which was a great deal.

Canadian Potluck

In the afternoon we went to a blogger fest. About 20 people were there, most of whom were bloggers. It’s a way for fellow bloggers to connect with each other. Most followed each other’s blogs and had known each other for some time. We enjoyed meeting more new people. Of course Happy was at 3:00 so we were back in camp in time for that.

Blogger fest

Sunday was a relaxing day. Very warm and very little wind compared to some of the other days. I spent part of the morning trying to figure out how to use WordPress more effectively with my blog. I did a couple of little maintenance jobs on the Motorhome in the afternoon. Our pocket doors had become difficult to move so I put some silicone lubricant on the tracks and that seemed to help. It took me a while to figure out how to remove the doors from the tracks, but once I had them off it was easy to spray the rollers. I removed one of the gas lift struts from the door of one of our outside storage bays and I’m going to see if I can get a replacement for it in Quartzsite. There are a couple of doors that won’t stay up so I want to get that fixed.

Happy hour on Sunday was full of laughter. We had a great time together. We were discussing plans on where we were going after we leave Quartzsite. The group will be splitting up for a while but we plan to reconnect in the weeks ahead. We’ve met some great people this week; Bill and Patsy Richards, Ron and Pat, Tom and Deb Duchaine, George and Rose, and of course our friends George and Suzie Yates. I think we’ve all had a great time together. We were the outsiders to the group when we arrived but they all made us feel very welcome.

Looking forward to a nice warm day again today. Temps are supposed to be a high of 22C. (72F). I’m headed into town to get the lift struts and I think Kim is going to do a little bookkeeping work this morning. We’re here til Friday or thereabouts and then maybe we’ll head towards Yuma I think.

OK, I think that’s it for now. Have a great day!


9 thoughts on “Weekend Update

  1. georgeyates

    You doing wonderful with your blog. So glad that you could join us and experience some of the fun times in the quirky desert place. The pot luck was good deal and bloggerfest always nice to put faces to the bloggers and meet new people. Continue to have more fun and enjoy this much warmer weather.


  2. prichie

    And this is really coming along! You have a picture heading too, yay!
    As George says, the more you do it, the easier it becomes. Don’t be afraid to try things and I find always remembering the ‘back’ or ‘undo’ button can be a saviour sometimes. 🙂
    Nice pictures!
    We enjoyed the Canadian potluck too and Happy Hours are always fun! It’s been a pleasure getting to know you two.


  3. Skay kay

    Looks like you’ve really got the hang of it with your blogging. I’ve never played much with mine, but thinking I should. Always something to keep you busy isn’t there? Happy Hours are the best with that group. We’ll be coming in on Friday sometime, if you’re still there look forward to meeting you!


  4. Tom and I are really happy you and Kim are parked across the way. We are enjoying this time together getting to know you both.
    Nice blogging, i enjoyed seeing the pictures, especially the ones of the London Bridge by the phone booth.
    It is amazing how many RV’s are parked out here and how busy it gets during the Big Tent week.


    1. Its been great meeting the 2 of you also. Its great to share stories and experiences. There is always something new to learn. Since we’re new to Arizona we appreciate everyone’s suggestions on places to stay and things to see.


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