Drones and planning our Escape

Wednesday afternoon Bill got out his drone to fly. He gave us a demonstration and then let Rob and George and I have a try with his help. It was a beautiful day for flying and the winds had diminished from what they had been other days. It was quite easy to fly at least in the mode we were flying. Bill got some nice aerial photos of our camp and of the BLM area that we are in. I also got a nice shot of Kim and I and the motorhome. I’m thinking I need to get one of these. Great fun.

Enjoyed another happy hour in the afternoon. Always a lot of fun.

Thursday was just a relaxing day. I did go up on the roof of the RV to see how my solar panel tilting kit would work with my panel placement. While I was up there Bill and Patsy got back from town and Bill joined me on the roof to help me decide how to reposition the panels so that when tilted they wouldn’t shade each other. I think I’ve got a plan now and I’ll do one of the panels in the next few days. I think the change will improve my panels’ power output quite a bit.

Bill and Patsy gave us a tour of their 5th wheel. Such a nice rv. Lots of room in the main livingroom/ kitchen area. Very well laid out and tons of storage. While we were visiting, we were talking about emergency exits from RVs and we were commenting on how our exit was stuck. Bill gave me some suggestions on how to get it opened. When we got back to the motorhome I gave it a try and voila, it opened. Now for a demonstration on how to exit your RV in case of emergency.

That’s as far as I got. It’s a long way to the ground…..

I’m a little behind in my blog, so this catches you up to Thursday afternoon. I’ll try to get caught up in tomorrow’s episode. Bye for now


8 thoughts on “Drones and planning our Escape

  1. georgeyates

    It is always fun chatting with fellow rv’ers sharing tips and inspecting their homes as well Nice that you got you escape window open. Hopefully will never need it.


  2. prichie

    I’m glad you enjoyed flying the drone (sorry Kim!) haha. I’m going to try some ‘magic’ to remove that rv NOT part of our group in the aerial view. 🙂
    Thank goodness the emergency exit works and thank you for the tutorial on getting out. Methinks you won’t be smiling when and if the time comes to have to use it. I love Kim’s idea of the roll out ladders, one for each exit. Thanks!
    Continue to enjoy!


    1. No worries Patsy….Ken has already been looking at them :).
      It’s a relief to know we can get that window open! Definitely the roll out ladder will be on the ‘need to get’ list!


  3. Skay kay

    Those drone pictures are wonderful! Thinking you would really enjoy one! Our exit looks a lot like yours ..think we better try opening it just because….hmmm. Cute pictures of you climbing out that window! Don’t exit too soon..we’ll miss you both!


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